While you're waiting for the Original Kitty Mahir Satire to load, let me discuss the state of Mahir at this point, late 2002, and list some links of interest. The old Mahir xoom.com page as well as many other satires on there are gone as xoom.com is now defunct. Mahir now maintains his page on www.ikissyou.org. On there you will find everything Mahir, all that he had on the old pages and more, and you can find out what Mahir is up to these days. 

Since late 1999 when Mahir literally became an overnight net sensation the likes of which was never seen before or since on the internet, Mahir and his site rode a great wave of publicity and popularity which of course has since waned. However Mahir and his fans are still alive and well and you can still find them on the internet. There is this site, other parodies, the Mahir webring, and various followup articles sprinkled around the web. There have been many imitators and Mahir wannabe's like Super Greg et all and that new Apple Ad kid Ellen Weiss, however none of them has created the buzz, excitement, or flurry of emails that Mahir and his site was able to generate. Here are some links and then following is the Kitty Satire! 

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This is my page .......


I KISS YOU !!!!!

Ukoad1.jpg (21777 bytes)

I like play , I have many many mycetoyz my home I can play

I like sport , run , jump , chace myce, pounce ball , crouch .........

I like catnip

I like travel I go 3-4 placez every year

I went , under bed , in clozet , suitcase , basement , next door, over fence , couch,

table , kitchen counter , in boxes , car , tree ,bush , shower , sink .....

My profession sleep , eat and string chase , I makekomputor doctora

I like to take foto-camera (amimals , birds , nice nude felines and humans).....

Ukoad4.jpg (25580 bytes)

My fluffy .84 cm hair (.2 feet) My weight 6 kg.

My eyes green ..  I live alone !!!!!!!!!

I have home - couch .........

I like to be friendship from different country ..

I live in USA -town BOSTON ...( 4 million kittys - near  the sea - old history, many mice)...

Who is want to come BOSTON  I can invitate .....

She can stay my home ........

I speake persian, abasynian, siamese ,  rusianblue , I want to learn otherlanguage !

mobil       tel: ++ 00 555 32434 50

email: Fuzzy

email: Bette

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And last but not least, this site is dedicated to the PC Computing Magazine (and others) haughty, arrogant, sarcastic and funny yet sometimes smart columnist, John Dvorak. In July 1998 he wrote an article (gone now) about how he didn't like  personal web sites, especially ones about cats, because they were a waste of time and disk space. He felt they were useless and all that stuff would eventually bring down the internet. Well Yahoo! Lets see if this useless web site about our cats can't be the catalyst for bringing down the internet! Let's get those hits going! 

Dvorak discusses Blogs and the lessening of cat photos on vanity sites.