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Mahir Kitty satire is the featured debut of WorldWideCat in November 1999. In the next millenium, WWC will feature the lives of two very adorable and wacky kitties, Fuzzy and Bette. Please note that all original photos are copyrighted by the respective authors.

WWC will also present in words and photos the travels of a World Wide Cat (aka d00d) of another sort. World travels including India, Nepal, Europe, Israel, Europe, and America. Stories and photo submissions of fellow world travelers for publishing here will be accepted. Other travel resources and sites of interest will also be noted. 

Not To Be Messed With!!!

The photo of Fuzzy (above) in his first year was taken by our good friend Ian from Ireland. I am very impressed with the moment in time that was captured and the expression on his face. Although Fuzzy is neutered, as a male cat, he can still be quite playful and aggressive. Until this photo was taken I never noticed that when he is in his "dont mess with me!" mood he gets this look. Now I notice it more often and find it of course quite amusing.  Fuzzy aka Mr. Fuzzy, Foozie, Fuzuschka, Foony, Foobar, Furby, Fuzoony, Fuzeeny, Fuzeeby, etc, has a lovely and nice sister named Bette. Bette Noir, our Black Beast of the night, has a name which means bugaboo or pet dislike in French. She is much more even tempered and nice although she has her moments. :-) Miss Bette is also known as Betty, Bettini, Bazeeby, Teener, Tiny, Bettoonie.


And last but not least, this site is dedicated to the PC Computing Magazine (and others) haughty, arrogant, sarcastic and funny yet sometimes smart columnist, John Dvorak. In July 1999 he wrote an article (now gone) about how he didn't like  personal web sites, especially ones about cats, because they were a waste of time and disk space. He felt they were useless and all that stuff would eventually bring down the internet. Well Yahoo! Lets see if this useless web site about our cats can't be the catalyst for bringing down the internet! Let's get those hits going! :)

Dvorak discusses Blogs and the lessening of cat photos on vanity sites.

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