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Last update 1/9/05

Yes the site used to be on however I have moved it to WorldWideCat where I intend to put all my travel related web pages and photos etc etc. I also wanted to more accurately track hits and stuff which I cant with MediaOne. So the site has had far more hits than you see on the counter. Thousands and thousands more! :)
I have also requested to join two Las Vegas webrings.

Since I have limited time and don't know yet how to create fancy graphics, my pages are low tech but spiced up with different fonts and colors. If you don't have the fonts then you won't be seeing the sight the way it was intended. Here is how I format the pages:

    Bauhaus 93

    Comic Sans MS

If you don't see any difference in the fonts noted above from this text here, then you don't have them. Go get 'em!!!

Copyright Info
All original writings and photos are copyright by me, David j. Weinstein, 1999.
If you like the site, then please just link the main page. MediaOne has no way to bill for extra hits over my limit and once I'm over they shut it down for the rest of the month. Lovely.
If you like any articles and wish to email them to friends, then feel free.
If you like the photos, then feel free to give people the url.
If you have a newsletter and want use of the articles or photos then please ask me for permission to use them.
No commercial or for profit uses are permitted without prior written consent.

You may not copy or use in whole or in part any article or excerpt from "Viva Las Vegas" by billhere without his written consent.

Thank you for your cooperation. :)

djw 6-25-1999