Las Vegas & Gambling
In Association with Several excellent and highly respected authors about Las Vegas and Gambling listed here were featured as guest columnists on the Viva Las Vegas e-newsletter. They are noted as  "VLV". 
Viva Las Vegas - After Hours ArchitectureViva Las Vegas : After Hours Architecture
by Alan Hess, Denise Scott Brown, Robert Venturi 

If you buy one book about the colorful history and architecture of the Golden Age of Las Vegas to the present, THIS IS IT!!! This wonderful book is expertly researched with many, many old drawings, postcards, photos, and more! The coverage of the history of Las Vegas from its start through the advent of the casinos to theme park is all documented. 

American Casino Guide - 1999
By Steve Bourie (VLV)
Also: American Casino Guide - 2000
A critically acclaimed book, Steve Bourie has 25 years of playing in the casinos of Las Vegas. 

Casino Secrets
By Barney Vinson (VLV)
His new book. Author of 4 books on Las Vegas and a 30 year veteran of casino busines, he reveals the secrets to getting comps and more. 

Casino Gambling - The Best of the Best
by Henry Tamburin (VLV)
He is the author of six best-selling books on casino gambling including his latest book featured here. 

Video Poker - Optimum Play
by Dan Paymar (VLV)
Editor and Publisher of Video Poker Times


Hooked on Winning
By Mark Pilarski, Syndicated columnist
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