The Antics of Robin Leach in Las Vegas!!!

Since I do not have permission to reprint the article, here is a summary of what occured as reported in Reuters on 8/5/1999:

Who would’ve ever thought that Robin Leach could tie Dennis Rodman for most outrageous Las Vegas celebrity behavior?! Last week it was reported by Reuters News Service that Leach was allegedly at the heart of a Memorial Day weekend incident at Delmonico’s Steak house involving several naked women and whipped cream. A six week investigation by the Clark County Liquor and Gaming Licensing Board concluded that what happened at the new Venetian restaurant was “unplanned and spontaneous”. The report stated that several women at Leach’s table allegedly took off all their clothes in front of restaurant staff and patrons, and proceeded to spread whipped cream on themselves. The report went on to say that there was physical contact between them and that Leach and at least one restaurant manager joined in the fun. Apparently it ended when a restaurant worker complained and several patrons left in disgust. Ironically, the Venetian’s billionaire creator Sheldon Adelson, chairman of Las Vegas Sands Inc, was there at the same time but was too far away (about 70 feet) to see what was happening. 

Emeril Lagasse, celebrity chef and owner of the restaurant, was extremely upset over the incident, and has banned Leach from all six of his establishments. The board said Lagasse could keep his liquor license on a provisional basis since it’s against the law to allow nudity and sexually explicit acts where liquor is served. Lagasse, saying he was saddened and humiliated by what happened, stressed to his staff that he has a zero tolerance policy for that sort of behavior. 

Leach issued a rebuttal in his defense saying accounts of the incident were grossly exaggerated and that it was just a harmless, fun, whipped cream fight. He was suspended from his position of event host and restaurant consultant at the Venetian. 


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