Trixie and Nugget from Virginia!

Hi, We are your cousins, Trixie and Nugget. We own Steve and Marge, and we all live in Virginia Beach. We like living with them and we have fun driving them crazy, especially at night when we run all around the house. We will see if they will take a picture of us so we can send it to you. We are very cute. Trixie is mostly Maine Coon and is fluffy. I am a red tabby and love to fetch. She is old, 6 and I am very young, 18 months. How old are you? Is Boston fun to live in? Do you go outside? We are not allowed but we like to look outside at the leaves falling and the squirrels and other things that run around outside.
           Nugget and Trixie
I'm Nugget. Marge finally figured out how to use the new digital camera to take a picture of me. She took one of Trixie too and will send you her. I'm very mischievous, love to run and then attack her, but that is what little brothers are supposed to do, even if we aren't really siblings. I got my name cause M&S just got back from Alaska before they adopted me and I am gold colored. I am very vocal and it almost made them take me back but there was a hurricane named Bonnie and the SPCA was closed so I stayed and I stopped talking non stop. Now, I only talk most of the time. Oh, we have more cousins too. Alex is an old lady who owns Jason and Mischief and Spook are black babies who own David. I don't like them and I hissed at them when they were here. Kids!! 
P.s. when Adam (another human I own) nuzzles my tummy, he calls it "Nuggling" me.

I'm Trixie, aren't I pretty? Nugget wrote to you, but he didn't tell you what a pest he is. Marge tells me that's what little brothers are like and she should know. Hmph. He likes to attack my beautiful, fuzzy tail. I got my name because my previous companion was named Ed (actually Eddie PussRex) and Marge thought in terms of the Nortons, Ed and Trixie, when they named me plus I showed up at Steve's office on Halloween when I was about 6 months old and since I am so gorgeous, they fell in love with me. I am very sweet and affectionate, when I want to be, but I don't like to be held like Nugget does. He's silly.

This is a better picture of me, don't you think?